Expertly Managed Process

Global Containment Solutions closely tracks every waste containment project to ensure that your productivity, quality, and cost control goals are met. Our project managers conduct daily reviews, and consistent communication keeps installation crews and project managers well informed. This open communication helps identify potential issues as well as opportunities on every job.


Equipment & Technology

GCS utilizes only the latest technology in geosynthetics installation equipment, including fusion welding and liner sewing machinery, testing equipment, and deployment vehicles. This helps ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

  1. State-of-the-art testing equipment allows simultaneous testing of multiple destructive samples.
  2. Low-ground-pressure deployment vehicles fitted with specialty tires leave a nearly invisible footprint.
  3. Engineer-approved deployment bars are stamp-rated far in excess of required weights for safe, timely deployment.
  4. Highly experienced technicians are “best in class” for the industry:
    – Our master seamers and technicians have over 25 years’ industry experience.
    – Our full installation crews have operated as a unit for more than 15 years.

All projects benefit from our proprietary estimating program developed by Steve Daniels during his 20+ years in geosynthetics. We also use AutoCAD® to calculate plan areas to the nearest square foot.


Bonding & Insurance

Global Containment Solutions holds a significant bonding capacity. GCS carries no debt, and we finance all projects through our own strong financial resources. GCS has an EMR (experience modification rating) among the best in the industry.

GCS principals review all contracts to ensure liability protection and consult GCS counsel and insurer as needed in the contract review process. Copies of GCS Insurance certificate and bonding capacity letter available upon request.


We understand the vital importance of maintaining workplace safety, from preventing injuries and promoting employee health and safe job sites, to achieving compliance and reducing risk. GCS crews and projects have one of the industry’s strongest safety records.


Upon full payment received for a project, GCS will issue a 1-year limited warranty on the installation and a  manufacturer’s warranty on the material.

Quality Control

For each project, GCS provides you with a complete copy of quality control documentation, including a record drawing of the area lined with geosynthetics or other waste containment products.

View the Global Containment Solutions Quality Control Manual.
(Click here to download pdf.)